About Me

As a personal coach, I have one thing in mind. Maximizing someones potential, by giving them the personal one on one training and coaching that they need. While growing up and playing sports throughout high school, I was able to see how people develop mentally and physically at different rates. Some kids would grasp a concept or motion much quicker than others. That does not mean the kids weren’t athletes or good at sports, they just needed extra repetition or another means of learning, but in competitive sports, the coaches always go for the kids who could perform and understand from the get-go. In turn, this discourages the other athletes and hinders their learning because they do not end up getting that extra attention that the other players are receiving. I can tell you from personal experience, patience is key. My father was my personal coach, from whom I was able to get the extra practice repetitions and learn concepts from, that I simply did not have the chance to while I was at school practice. That is why it is my goal to help any student or athlete excel at the sport that they love playing so much. I enjoy finding ways to help the athlete learn and understand in the way that works best for them. Because in the end, sports allow you to create long lasting friendships, have a sense of belonging, keep you in good physical shape, apply yourself, and help you become a team player with an open mind. While all of these skills and abilities will help you in the long run, many kids miss out on the opportunity to play sports just because they did not receive that extra help. -Anthony Garrett