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As a personal coach, my goal is to see a player enjoy and have fun, while playing the sport that they love. Just because they aren’t succeeding at first, doesn’t mean they should give up or have someone give up on them. With a little extra help and commitment, everyone can achieve their goals. -Anthony Garrett


I enjoy teaching fundamentals and basketball intellect to kids and seeing how it translates into their game on the court. I like to focus on their strengths, while exploiting and bettering their weaknesses – creating a better overall skill level.


I craft my game based off of fundamentals, scheme exploitation, and catching ability. I like to teach and help my students understand the difference between how to read a coverage, how to improve their catching ability, and how to run precision routes. Also, footwork is key attribute to focus on, regardless of the position. Football is my passion, and I believe that it teaches great character and team building.

Pros who had the odds against them



  • Antonio Brown

    • Star wide Receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Concerns were that he was very thin and small in stature. Lacked strength to beat the jam and was a raw route runner. Could not sell routes or understand defensive coverages.
    • Accomplishments:  , 3x NFL All-Pro First Team, 2015 NFL Receiving Yards Leader, Steelers Team MVP (2012, 2013, 2015)


    • Anquan Boldin
      • Star wide receiver in the NFL. Concerns were that he was too slow, running a 4.7 second 40 yard-dash during the NFL Combine.
      • Accomplishments: NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year, Baltimore Ravens Superbowl XLVII Champion




  • Isaiah Thomas

    • All-Star point guard for the Boston Celtics. Concerns about his height (5’9″) caused him to be the final (60th) pick of the 2011 NBA Draft.
    • Accomplishments: 2x NBA All-Star NBA Skills Challenge Participant, Runner up for NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award for the 2014-2015 season
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